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 Project Statement

Leaf Avant-garde

When I shoot larger scale photos of sunsets or landscapes, I ultimately zoom in on the smaller elements that combined make the whole picture. To me, macro photography is sort of like pointillism, where if we stand away from a painted canvas an entire image is clear, but up close we’re able to discern the thousands of individual dots cleverly set and tinted. If a single spec was removed, the picture would be incomplete.


The beautiful bushy headgear of trees is appreciated by most. But in a macro frame of mind, I thought about those weird gems of leaves that added interest and dimension, but were too small or dead for anyone to notice. This birthed the idea to make those normally unseen leaves the only thing we see. Then began the hunt for the lost ones. Those too tiny, too crispy, too withdrawn, but expressing fascinating qualities, a much harder task than it sounds. Several factors had to be considered, for example, contours, sunlight, and placement. In this series, some leaves aren’t even an inch long. 


At the start, Curved was a dark greyish color, and during the shading process it took on hints of purple. I played with that hue, until a pretty plum wash developed. Art is experimental, so I left it alone, and later observed the joy it seemed to offer its audience. Not every leaf is color-altered, but that first aesthetic liberty magnified my direction and determined the name of the series.


Leaf Avant-garde is a combination of natural and unnatural colors partnered with the untouched shapes and bends of wild leaves intended to create a visually stimulating and mentally absorbing experience. Early viewers had commented on how the intricacies drew them into a state of relaxation, which nearly persuaded me to call them Mediation Leaves. But as the series grew, so did the need for a broader interpretation. No two are alike, and all were shot in their organic environments of woods, fields, and shorelines. 

Project Statement

Wildwood Collection

The Wildwood Collection was inspired by my 2016 genealogy journey and the mounds of incredible vintage black & white photos I sifted through. In short, my father was adopted. Discovering his/our biological relatives and learning the many commonalities I had with people I'd never met ignited the idea of conveying lineage complexities through tree roots and raw wood elements.


ROOTS: Our roots. 

THORN: Healthy boundaries.

WATERWOOD: Spirit guidance. 

LIFE & DEATH: Balance.


All images were shot in their organic environments of woods, fields, and shorelines. 

Project Statement


The Reflections Series demonstrates reality mirrored in dreams. Part of what defines our waking state or reality is tangibility. In our dreamscapes, we might discern people and items, yet physically we can't feel them. Like a water reflection, once we run our fingers (or consciousness) through an ethereal type image, they transform into something else entirely. 

Water symbolizes emotions - the single facet that permeates both realms. Oftentimes we experience something so emotionally surreal in our reality, it's as if we're trapped in a dream. Conversely, dream-emotions can be intense enough to convince us we're awake. 

We don't sleep all day, and water reflections aren't visible all of the time. But while we're dreaming, it feels as solid as everyday living. Water reflections, when we see them, are unmistakably shadow aspects of their hosts. They're each real in the moment, and they each vanish when the light changes. 

And then there are occasions when reality and dreams intertwine, such as prophetic dreams where predictions can be plucked from our sleep, or when gnawing subjects from our awakened state submerge our subconscious mind, strongly influencing us. 

This series plays within the borders of the material and intangible. 


All images were shot in their organic environments of puddles, lakes, and shorelines. 

BLURRED: Recalling dreams.

DISTORTIONS: Lingering dreams. 

RAINDROP: Introspection.

Limited Editions. SOLD OUT. 

They remain on the site for visitors to enjoy. 

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