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8x10 Print: $38.00

8x12 Print: $38.00

9x12 Print: $43.00

11x14 Print: $53.00

11x17 Print: $53.00

12x12 Print: $58.00

12x16 Print: $63.00

12x18 Print: $73.00

14x14 Print: $73.00

16x16 Print: $78.00

24x24 Print: $143.00

Clear Pricing For Your Convenience

Recommended Sizes

8x10 Canvas: $45.00


8x12 Canvas: $45.00


9x12 Canvas: $50.00


11x14 Canvas: $60.00


11x17 Canvas: $65.00


12x12 Canvas: $65.00

12x16 Canvas: $70.00

12x18 Canvas: $80.00

14x14 Canvas: $80.00


16x16 Canvas: $85.00

All prints are signed. Limited Editions are signed and numbered.

Panoramic Print 16x34: $158.00                                Panoramic Canvas 16x34: $165.00

Limited Editions (10)

Wildwood Collection:

11x17 Print: $90.00     11x17 Canvas: $105.00

12x16 Print: $110.00    12x16 Canvas: $125.00

Reflections Series:

11x17 Print: $105.00    11x17 Canvas: $120.00

12x12 Print: $115.00    12x12 Canvas: $130.00

14x14 Print: $145.00    14x14 Canvas: $160.00

16x16 Print: $155.00    16x16 Canvas: $170.00

Additional Sizes Available Upon Request


Leaf Avant-garde:

12x12 Print: $58.00    12x12 Canvas: $65.00


Choose Your Favorites:

$45.00 each on 3-6 12x12 Prints.


Or Complete Set of 12x12 Prints (8): $280.00 

(Only 10 Sets For This Price Available)


Additional Sizes Available Upon Request

(14x14, 16x16, 24x24) 

Please specify PRINT NAME & SIZE.

Payments/Checks to: Lorelei Buckley

Or place orders at: (or call 254-230-2690)

Prints are sleeved in protective acid-free covers and mailed directly to you.

Larger Prints and Canvas Require Special Packaging.

Most US shipping free.

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