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Artist Statement

I'm a self-taught photographer who turned a long time hobby into a profession. 

Like most photographers, I shoot whatever inspires me, usually nature based. As a young girl growing up in Chicago, I'd sit at the shores of Lake Michigan for hours gazing at its vastness and depth, penning angsty poetry. In my teenage years, I'd hike the forest preserves with my dog, escaping the noise and nonsense of our reality. Deep in the intricacies of our beautiful, natural environment, where tranquility and truth reside, is where I'd find an often, otherwise unreachable inner solitude.

Photography enables me to share some of the peace and beauty I experience.

To present quality earthen art, I spend a good amount of time examining areas for ideal backgrounds, surroundings, and lighting. From a dozen flowers, maybe one or two will have a special facet, a shape or essence worth capturing. Every picture I snap has moved me in some profound or curious way and is the result of a mindful determination to elicit that same joy and wonder in those who view them. Life is hectic. My intention is to make available unique perspectives of our exquisite, calming, natural world.  

I'm a writer as well, which I believe fosters my fondness for storytelling through images. We all have a story, and each one is original and special. A model I follow by releasing several of my series prints in Limited Editions. 

"Pieces of Serenity" are frequently added to the website. Please check back regularly. 


Thank you for visiting. 

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